32 inch or 40 inch 4k monitor?

Want a 4k monitor but cant decide whether to get a 32" or 40" monitor.Was settled on getting a 40" but heard response time is horrendous. Pretty much settled on getting a Korean monitor.
Budget is $400-$550
For the 32" option i was thinking



and for the 40" version one of the sub $600 models.

Personally I would go with 32. Yes 40 seems to be what a lot of people like around here. But I feel like the ppi of 32 would be a lot nicer to look at then on a 40 plus

Check my recent post for another interesting crossover model. The 324k has horrendous input lag… not sure about the 324ks though.

The one in my post is a crossover 32u75

As a owner of 4 40s I can say, the picture quality offsets the sometimes not to personal expectation lag.
I get different results on different games, but never to hamper my gaming…and if it does, I just go tp 1080x1920 and rely on the upscale to do the rest, and it does ! (IMO)
40 IS GREAT…I feel 32 leaves you always on your appetite . (IMO)

yup i am back

I’d go for the 40. I actually prefer the pixel density of it. It’s the same as the 1440p 27 inch monitors. I like the size of the icons and such. I feel like a tiny bit of scaling is needed on the 32 inch and I hate scaling. That’s my take… plus… 40"

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i use a 40 4k for doing code because the scaling sucks on windows 7. i like it, but i have never tried a 32 4k