32" 144hz Korean Monitor Goodness | AMH A329GAM

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I just ordered one of these from Amazon. Estimated delivery is up to about a week, but I’m stoked. I needed a bigger monitor since my PC is also my TV and sitting on my couch, the 23" just isn’t cutting it. Thanks for the video and review!

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Honestly, it is a pretty display. I think you’ll like it. The glossy panel may be a draw back but it still looks good, to say the least.

Well, i will look for it on the german Amazon. Importing one from Korea (ebay) is an option, but will be expensive. Customs and stuff. Maybe my russian friends show some interest in korean monitors, since they have 1000€ free every month, no fees, no bullshit there… Wish i had it here :smiley:

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Yeah, I wasn’t too stoked on that, but my room is pretty dark, and the windows are oddly high so reflections shouldn’t be too big of an issue. I’ll report back whenever it gets here.

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FedEx finally delivered yesterday. I really like this panel. White balance was also a bit cool on my display, but other than that I’m really satisfied. I just need to upgrade my GTX780 so I can run everything at 144fps without having to dial back some settings. The only thing that I found with mine that wasn’t mentioned in the video is the power adapter has a separate cord for the power part (like your typical laptop charger). The one in the box has a Korean plug on it and does come with an adapter for US plugs; however it looks cheap as hell, does not have a ground prong and I don’t really trust it. I have a bunch of old power cables from random laptops and such in the past, so I just used one of those instead. OSD is truly a pain to navigate with that one joystick thing, but once it’s setup, it’s nice. Thanks for the review and the tipoff on it, well worth the price for what you get.

Thanks for the review OmonRa, I’m seriously considering getting this monitor, it looks great!