2nd monitor for laptop has bad resulution - need advice

Hey Guys,
I just tried to pair a second monitor with my laptop and the resolution i get is awful.

This is the monitor im using: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009440
And this is the laptop im using (german website only): http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/medion+erazer+p6661+md99843+gaming+notebook

I’ve used this monitor for years now as a second screen with my desktop computer and never had any issues getting a 1920x1080 resulution. However, there is no setting i can select for this resulution. The highest i can get is 1680x1050, which makes everything blurry.

I used a VGA connecter for both, laptop and dekstop computer.

Any ideas what the problem might be?


Jokes aside - you’ve made sure your drivers are up to date and everything else? Have you tried going to DVI using an adapter? http://amzn.to/2edHzrI

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Somebody has to save these poor guys from extinction.

Drivers are all up to date yes.

Well I’ve never used any other connecter since my desktop’s GPU only has one DVI and VGA each.
I don’t have any DVI adapter lieing around.

I just think it’s kinda weird that my old desktop with a GT 640 never had any troubles running two screens at 1980x1080?

Just get a cheap re certified or used ASUS 1920x1080 in whatever model you find attractive. There cheap and last a while.

Cyber Monday is coming up…

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That to just imagining the sales on amazon is getting me all excited!

so you think the monitor is the issue?

The problem is probably the VGA connection the laptop has a 950 so it defiantly can do 1080p. I assumed his current monitor only had VGA.

well still kinda weird i was able to use the screen for 5 years with a worse GPU and VGA at 1080p?

That is odd then. the Laptop is actually really solid for its price ignoring the fact that thanks to brexit my US dollar had been at an all time high over there. Is there any way to permanently enable the nvidia card? Because that sounds like one of those annoying power saving features.

i dont know how clearly you read through the pc specs, but i think it’s a stteing problem, since the monitors are run by the intel HD chip

whenever i start gaming the laptop automatically changes to the 950

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yea the power savings might probably be the issue, but i can’t find a way to disable to intel HD chip?

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Well not disable the chip so much as make the nvidia the dedicated display out 100% of the time.

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