1300$ CAD maximum PC Build

Hi everyone! I would like to get some help for a new pc build.

I have 1300$ CAD maximum but I would like it to be around 1000-1200$
I do not own a keyboard, mouse and screen.
I want to be able to play games like dark souls 3, the new monster hunter, and the like on medium/high.
I would like Canadian retailers for everything if possible. (shipping reasons)
Thank you very much for the help! :smile:

Here’s an AMD Ryzen based build in your budget:


And here’s an Intel Core i5 based build in your budget:


  • The RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti can be found for nearly the same price, so you can decide which is your preference. I chose the RX 560 because it is the cheaper option. You can choose a more powerful card like the GTX 1060 or RX 570 if you feel it fits your budget and the cards are available.

  • Both these systems are within 4-5% of eachother in gaming. For productivity the Ryzen system performs closer to the higher end i7-7700.

  • The Ryzen system sees performance gains from having higher-clocked DDR4, hence the more expensive options chosen there.

  • The keyboard and mouse combo was chosen for its value. It’s a $30 - $40 combo normally so I don’t know how true that $13.50 price listing is. Expect it to cost more but still be affordable.