$1.64 (Canadian) in Steam cash ... Buy what?

It is the Halloween Sale and I have $1.64 (Canadian) in Steam cash. Is there anything on there worth buying with it? LOL!

I am going through the list of all these cheap games and so far nothing has jumped out at me. If anyone has some cheap game recommendations (No RPG Maker, anime, top down shooter or similar or RTS games) please share. : )

Here are games I think may be ok …

The Room
The Room 2
Euro Truck Simulator
Death’s Hangover
Garshap: The Monster Slayer, Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition, Zuma Deluxe (I may already own these but not sure.)
Postal 2
Putrefaction 2: Void Walker
Roots of Insanity
Five Nights at Freddy’s

Btw I already have The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut, LIMBO, Insurgency and Surgeon Simulator 2013 … but hey good deals for people who don’t have them.

Update: I already bought Death’s Hangover.